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Enlight Cases Roundup 30th December 2002

We were sent a selection of cases by Enlight Europe, each of these cases was built with a specific purpose in mind. It’s the aim of this reviewer to see if they live up to their motto: “Creativity, Sincerity and Excellence”.  As there are three cases from across their range, I will be briefly commenting on their features in the first half of this review and go into greater detail in the latter half. 


Above we see the three cases EN-7247, EN-7280, EN-8900 (l-r).  As you can see they are aimed at different end users the EN-7247 is a stylish mid-tower case suitable for any home or office user, the EN-7280 is also a mid-tower case however this case has a door which can help reduce noise and give a slightly more professional look to it, and lastly and by no means least, the EN-8900, this mammoth case is for high end systems or servers, it has a lockable door and weighs a ton, well just under 20Kg to be precise. 


Both Midi towers have the standard 4 5.25" external bays while the full tower provides 7 such bays - ideal if you have a hot swappable RAID subsystem. The doors are ventilated to allow air to pass easily through them.


Looking at the backs we can see well designed blow holes and the EN-7280 in particular having two exhaust fans which will please overclockers. Both Midi towers come with PSUs that are Pentium4 ready and adequate for any of todays CPUs. The Full Tower is an unusual beast in that it has room for two PSUs and offers redundancy. This may appeal to the budget server market or those PC enthusiasts with exotic cooling equipment that needs more power than a single PSU can provide.


While we don't have any of the nice features such as Cooler Masters easy remove-able drive cages we do have a solid construction no-nonsense case and the removal of a rail to rest the PSU on gives the appearance of more internal space and should make motherboard installation easier.


The same goes for this case and we also have large feet for extra stability. Dual exhaust fans will help keep the CPU at a reasonable temperature.


This really is a mammoth case. If you have a dual CPU rig and lots of hard drive this case should suit you nicely. To make use of the redundant PSU abillity you will need not only 2 PSUs but 2-in-1 connectors for all devices (i.e. both PSUs will need to be plugged into each hard drive, CD-ROM etc.). These should be readily available from Maplin Electronics or Radio Shack etc.



These may not be the most feature laden cases we have reviewed but that is not their selling point. They are aimed at the budget market. There is no reason to get an unbranded case of dubious quality when you can get an Enlight case for about the same price. If you're putting together a budget system either for yourself or a friend or relative and you want a sturdy reliable case (with no sharp edges to cut yourself on) look no further. Although Enlight are new to these shores I am sure we will all get to know their name quite well as their presence grows.

We would like to thank Enlight for the review sample cases.

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